Seminar "Non-destructive Testing"



Civil Engineering MSc; Medical Engineering and Assistance Systems (Master); Materials Science and Engineering MSc; Master Development, Production and Management in Mechanical Engineering (Master); Energy and Process Engineering (Master); Automotive Engineering (Master); Aerospace (Master); Mechanical Engineering (Master) (Bachelor); Mechatronics and Robotics (Master); Medical Technology (Master); Production and Logistics (Master); Materials Science with PLUS


The seminar "Nondestructive Testing" covers classic and current issues in Nondestructive Testing as well as in Material Testing including applications of non-destructive and destructive methods. Among these, are methods such as mechanical material testing and methods that use diffractive and imaging techniques. During the course of the Seminar, ongoing material tests of the Institute for Material Testing and the Chair of Non-destructive Testing are presented and discussed. Furthermore, the Seminar offers the possibility to become familiar with research projects of external lecturers.

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