Testing of adhesive bonds in electric motors

Projekt partner:

AP, Adhesive Products GmbH

In the ZIM-funded project, a magnetizable adhesive is developed and optimized for use in permanent-magnet synchronous motors. The adhesive is used to fix the permanent magnets in the pack of sheet metal. Due to the magnetizeability of the adhesive the magnetic field created by permanent magnets is intensified. The stronger magnetic field increases the efficiency of the permanently excited synchronous motor.

To ensure the developed adhesive meets the requirements of the automotive industry, destructive and non-destructive testing methods will be used. The methods will help to investigate and understand properties of the adhesive material and resulting bond. For this purpose the relevant characteristics of chemical and thermal resistance and mechanical strength of the adhesive are investigated. For example, the influence of artificial defects and magnetization on the mechanical strength are analyzed through tensile tests. To determine the quality of the adhesive bond, various non-destructive methods are applied including ultrasonic, thermographic and computed tomography testing. These tests will help establish the most suitable non-destructive method to evaluate the quality of the bond with the magnetizable adhesive.

Start: 15.11.2019

Duration: 3 Jahre

Funding: BMWi, ZIM

Person in charge: Juliana Berthold